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20 mai 2020

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16 août 2019

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20 février 2019

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12 juin 2017


Once again, Soteck Inc. is getting involved in the community. On Saturday, June 10, 2017, a team of Soteck employees participated in the Dragon Boat race for the Hôtel-Dieu D'Arthabaska Foundation.
Team members demonstrated excellent endurance and timing, which allowed them to have excellent times in each race.

Soteck is proud of its employees.

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30 janvier 2017

Preventive maintenance: an investment for optimal operation of equipment ... even in China !!!

Several Soteck customers use preventive maintenance to maximize the potential of existing equipment. Experience shows that the return on investment is excellent: it is enough to think of a production shutdown to imagine the impact on the profitability of the company especially when the cause is associated with a maintenance of poor quality. As proof, some of our customers can not do without this service offered by Soteck. For a second consecutive year, Soteck's staff visit one of its customers ... in China !!! You read correctly! This company recognizes the importance of quality preventive maintenance and in this case, the service is tailored to the customer's needs. Do not hesitate to get more information by calling 819-758-0313. It will be our pleasure to meet you and to advise you the service according to your needs
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5 octobre 2016

New Deal Brewing Co.

New Deal Brewing Co .: A Quebec organic brewery opened in Boucherville. Congratulations to the New Deal Brewing Co. and the best of success to you.

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23 septembre 2016

Fondation Les amis d'Elliot

Sunday, September 18, 2016 was held the activity '' Viens faire ton tour. '' Solidary with their CEO, Robert Béliveau who is 2016 honorary godfather Les amis d'Elliot, a group of Soteck Inc employees participated by walking / jogging around the reservoir Beaudet in Victoriaville. With the participation of nearly 2300 people, the activity was able to raise over $ 91,000. This amount will be divided among three organizations in the region which La Fondation Les amis d'Elliot is a part of.
Thank you for participating employees and the generous sponsors of the activities.
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14 septembre 2016

Dominic Babineau participated in a conference in Peru for Jamesway and Investa.

Dominic Babineau, v-p International Development, was invited by Jamesway and Invetsa has a participant in a conference in Peru on technology incubators.

Copy this link to read a summary on the site of Investa;
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8 juin 2016

Robert Beliveau, executive manager at Soteck and his wife as godparent for Les Amis d'Elliot Foundation

It is with great pride that we support Robert Beliveau, executive manager at Soteck and his wife Josée Simoneau as godparents of Les Amis d’Elliot Foundation. To reach their financial 2016 goal, Les Amis d’Elliot Foundation will participate in the activity ‘’ Viens faire ton tour’’.

Soteck employees and their families were invited to participate in large numbers in the event ‘’Viens faire ton tour’’ to be held Sunday, September 18, 2016. And you too, you can come and walk with Soteck people for a good cause.

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6 juin 2016

Expansion of our offices and a new warehouse

Soteck’ family has expanded to serve you better. Indeed, new employees have joined some departments in order to improve our excellent service.

The family grows so we expanded offices too. We built new offices in our great existing local and have added a new warehouse of 8,000 square feet at 747, blvd Pierre Roux East in Victoriaville.

We believe these improvements will be sufficient for the next 5 years but Soteck is still open to new development and we are looking forward to the future

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16 mai 2016

Soteck Inc and the Dragons-boats race

Soteck is proud of the support its employees have shown for the Hotel Dieu d'Arthabaska Foundation by entering a *certified perfomance* team in the dragon boat race. The race is to be held on Saturday June 11 th 2016. The goal is to raise 2500$ or more...
You still have time to make a donation, just go to and choose Soteck team. Thank you
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2 novembre 2015

Grand Opening of OVO Hartchery

October 9th 2015 saw the Grand Opening of OVO Hatchery, owned by Boire et Frères. Hundreds of people linked to the poultry industry were invited to admire the state-of the-art facilities in the world of incubation. SOTECK was present to inform the visitors about the SOTECK technology installed in the hatchery, the most functional and efficient in the industry. Dominic Babineau, VP International Development and Sylvain Ouellette, President were accompanied by leaders of Boire et Frères and Ian Mackinnon, President of Jamesway.
SOTECK congratulates OVO hatchery for the day and thanks them for their confidence shown in this wonderful project.

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29 septembre 2015

CSA certification

Soteck inc. is now certified by the CSA association for electrical and control cabinets assembly up to 200A.
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7 juillet 2015

Robert Béliveau, the Chamber of Commerce Male Personality of the Year

May 8th. The Chamber of Commerce and Bois-Francs Maple Industry held its 32nd ‘Performance Hall of Fame’, a prestigious gala that honors the entrepreneurial and personal achievements of men and women in business known as the ‘Pantheon of Performance’. Robert Béliveau, Chief executive officer of Soteck was awarded ‘Male Personality of the Year’.

Our company is proud to recognize this distinction as being the outstanding accomplishment of active participation in the development of the community with endless effort and great determination.

Well-done Robert, for the involvement in our living environment!

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7 juillet 2015

Two Enviropak Units for Bangladesh

Soteck has been selected to produce two ''Enviropak'' units for two poultry hatcheries in Bangladesh. The ''package'' type units allow the factories to improve production performance by giving very precise control of the production environments. These units are manufactured, assembled and tested before departure ensuring a trouble free installation. The client has selected this system because it allows a fast and streamlined installation.

Soteck would like to thank their partner Jamesway for their confidence in Soteck.

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7 juillet 2015

New contract in Mexico

Soteck obtained a 2nd contract for the construction of a new broiler hatchery in Mexico for the largest Mexican producer of poultry. Bachoco awarded Soteck, via its partner Jamesway, the contract following the first project in the area of Mérida. This new project will be carried out in the region of Monterrey and will have an annual production capacity of 100 million chicks. It will be the first to be equipped with the latest technologies in energy efficiency ''HRS'' and atmosphere control.

Soteck would like to thank Bachoco and Partner Jamesway for the support.

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7 juillet 2015

Construction of a new hatchery for Boire et Frères, Acton Vale, Quebec

Soteck has been asked to build a ‘Turnkey’ hatchery for poultry breeding in Quebec and will be the largest hatchery in Quebec. Soteck’s services were used to guide the Boire et Frères company officials in the construction of a cost-effective hatchery. With the help of the Jamesway incubator, Soteck strengthens its presence in Quebec and Canada in the field of poultry.

Soteck would like to thank Boire et Frères for confidence in this project.

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7 juillet 2015

First Enviropak Unit in Australian

Soteck completed the start-up of the first ''Enviropak'' unit in the Perth region of Australia. The ''Enviropak'' system includes, among other systems, the ventilation system, air conditioning, pressurization and dehumidifying of air supplies to the production areas, together with the chilled water systems and heating required in the production process. This efficient Unit is equipped with the high efficiency system ''HRS'' to reduce the demand for heating by more than 80%. The ''Enviropak'' is the latest technology developed by Soteck for complete integration of mechanical equipment in a self-contained unit.

Soteck would like to thank Jamesway incubators and Agritech Australia for their belief in this project.

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