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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency


Any plan to improve energy efficiency begins with a comprehensive analysis of locations and methods of work. Soteck will go through your energy consumption case file with a fine-tooth comb and study your performances and practices. We will then assess this data and suggest solutions, which will give you a very attractive return on investment.

The Soteck team with then write up a report comprising of a series of recommendations, as well as the costs associated with individual projects and the funding available. You will then be free to choose the projects that suit your budget and your corporate philosophy. Please note that we are able to seek the grants and funding necessary to improve your energy balance.

Execution of the turnkey project

In addition to helping you save money, Soteck will help to improve your corporate image. Our company has the knowledge and unique expertise to oversee your projects. Choosing Soteck means doing business with the best and opting for systems that accommodate the needs of the procedure as well as those of the building, therefore allowing a reduction in energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.