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Soteck’s mission is to combine the knowledge and know-how of its team of experts in automation, building mechanics and procedures, in order to identify, evaluate, design and implement personalized solutions tailored to the needs of its partners.

Thanks to dynamic staff and to the fact that the company encourages professional fulfilment, Soteck has reached the climax of standards in its field. We offer cutting edge technology in energy-saving and controlled environment concepts to the industrial, institutional and food industries, thus contributing to sustainable development.

The story

Soteck was created by the merger of two companies, specialized in the equilibration of ventilation systems and in the study of air quality, a first of its kind, one, which was created in 1990, and Sylvain Ouellette Technologie, founded in 1993. Since the consolidation, the firm has evolved considerably, so much so that it now occupies a prominent place in the market and is renowned for the quality and novelty of its projects

Leader in Canada in the controlled environment and energy-saving fields, Soteck has reached a unique degree of expertise, enabling us to offer turnkey projects not only in the industrial and institutional sectors, but in the food-processing industry as well. Soteck favours a partnership approach with its clients, thus enabling us to improve business relations and to develop more customized solutions that offer a guarantee of increased performance.

Soteck endorses the concept of economical, ecological, and efficient sustainable development along with environmental protection.

Honors and commitments

In recent years, Soteck has excelled in its field and been recognized by its peers on numerous occasions. Here is a brief listing of awards won:

  • 2001 : Prize of energy performance at the Pantheon of the performance of the Bois-Francs and l’Erable chamber of commerce and industry.
  • 2006 : Prize of recognition of best supplier of the year to General Dynamics for our overall outstanding performance.
  • 2008 : Two mentions from Hydro-Quebec for the construction of highly efficient energy-saving projects
  • 2009 : Mention from Hydro-Quebec for the construction of a project involving quality energy-saving measures
  • 2010 : Mention from Hydro-Québec for the construction of an energy-saving project, producing exceptional results.

Management team

Soteck has recently expanded, with three new stockholders joining forces with Mr. Sylvain Ouellette, Founding President.: Mr. Dominic Babineau, Vice-President of International Development, Mr. Pierre-André Guay, Vice-President of Engineering and Mr. David Perreault, Vice-President of Operations.

The management team at Soteck is therefore comprised of enthusiastic stockholders, all committed to delivering high performance and innovative projects. Stringent professionals, who compliment one another in an extraordinary fashion, combining wisdom with passion and inspiration, serve to guide Soteck in the right direction.